Dr. Pradeep Kumwat

Dr. Pradeep Kumwat

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Musk Mallow (Abelmoschus moschatus medic)

Musk Mallow (Abelmoschus moschatus medic)
Musk mallow belongs to the plant family Malvaceae. It is an annual plant, growing up to 1 metre high, covered with long, stiff hairs. The leaves are polymorphous, more or less cordate or heart-shaped, alternate, 3-7 deeply lobed, with toothed-margins. The flowers are yellow, orange or red. The fruit is a hairy oblong capsule containing many fragrant brown or black kidney-shaped seeds that have a pleasant taste. It grows in most tropical countries.
Medicinal use :
·       Expels gas from the stomach and intestines.
·       Inflammation of the mouth.
·       Heart diseases.
·       Checks vomiting.
·       Body itch.
·       Skin problems.
How to use :
·       The infusion of the seeds will take care of the items 1-4 listed under.
Medicinal use :
·       The seeds are made into a paste with milk and used externally for itches and other skin problems.
Parts used :
·       The seeds.
Dose :

·       Normal (Ref. P. 154) or as indicated above.

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