Dr. Pradeep Kumwat

Dr. Pradeep Kumwat

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Here are the 10 commandments that can probably help you to set right working culture-
Celebrate every success. Reward it :
Pay people and they’ll be motivated; pay them more and they’ll be more motivated; it is a common myth about the workplace. How something so obvious can be so wrong-Funny, isn’t it?
Study after study shows that fair pay is important as a motivating tool, but beyond that there are several other factors as important as money. Few amongst them are good treatment, assurance of security and safety, opportunities for advancement, and last but not the least, recognition for achievements.
Clean up your mess :
Mistakes are bound to happen. Be it missing deadlines or disappointing people. You’ll mess up in a hundred different ways.
Knowling that, it is critical to maintain a motivated team, it is essential to possess the ability to clean up your mess. Acknowledge that the results are not okay then make a commitment to put things right and prevent a repetition.
Make use of powerful and positive languages
            Nothing can be less motivating than vague instructions and an unclear sense of where we’re heading and why? Just like people say cleanliness is next to godliness, in an organization, clarity is even closer.

            Saying what you mean, clearly, powerfully, and positively, can motivate your employee incredibly. For, people know what is expected out of them and why. So, take a moment before you make an announcement to choose language that clarifies instead of messing up things.

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